Storage Lockers

Every day … tens of thousands of Advantage Storage Lockers are used in hundreds of new residential developments across the Lower Mainland.

Major developers and contractors choose Advantage Storage Lockers because they’re an economical storage room solution, installed hassle-free by an experienced team of storage and bike room experts.


One of the ‘Advantages’ we bring is that we make our lockers locally, and ourselves.  From field measure to install in as little as 48 hours, we’re able to quickly build and deliver a customized product that fits your project exactly.


Manufactured by Advantage in Richmond, BC, lockers start as flat sheet metal.


Workers measure and shear these sheets into strips which are then punched and formed into angle bar.


Angle bars and mesh are then welded into locker panels and doors.


In preparation for electrostatic powder coating, the panels are progressed through a series of tanks to clean them.


Finished panels and doors are stored in our large warehouse for delivery to the job site.